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4 Ideas for Bubble Play

4 Ideas for Bubble Play

If your kids are anything like mine, they love to play with bubbles! Many afternoons are spent at our house on the back deck, or in the backyard with a bunch of bubbles flying about! This summer, I am not going to buy any bubble mixture or toys. Instead, I am going to challenge my family to create the tools they need for fun! These ideas are great for economical fun while encouraging your children to think, create and explore their way to a fun filled day!

Making Bubbles
Mixing homemade bubble solution can be as simple or elaborate as you might like! With common kitchen staples like water, dish washing liquid and corn syrup, you can mix up bubbles all summer long. If you are looking for a better bubble experience, you might like this idea for sugar bubbles.  If you are looking for bubbles with a little more bounce, you will love these stretchy gak bubbles!

Slithering Bubbly Snakes
Sometimes, to liven things up with bubbly fun, you need to change methods of bubble blowing! Snake bubbles are always a hit with the kids! All you need to make bubbly snakes is an empty water bottle, an old mismatched sock, a pair of scissors, dish soap and water! Simply cut the bottom of the bottle off and slip on the sock. Mix 2 parts of water to 1 part dish soap in a small bowl, dip the sock covered end of the bottle in the bubble solution and start blowing long trails of bubbles!

Mix Up Some Fun
Foaming Bubbles are a great way to engage the kids with a hands-on project! They can help mix these foaming bubbles of fun up, then get their hands in the results for a great time, engaging the senses! You can also make some awesome bubble art with a few straws and a stack of paper!

Create Bubble Wands 
A peek into the kitchen junk drawer can yeild awesome results for bubble wands! An egg dipper leftover from Easter, a slotted spoon, or pasta measuring spoon can make fantastic bubbles! Bending and shaping pipe cleaners or thin metal wire can create one of a kind bubble wands that the kids will love making and playing with. A Hula Hoop will even work for a giant bubble blowing experience! There is no limit to what you can use for a bubble wand!

I hope these ideas help your family to enjoy a day of backyard bubble play this summer! If you have a great idea to share, please leave a comment to inspire us!

Easy Ideas for Summer Play

Easy Ideas for Summer Play

The weather keeps getting better every day! The sun shines, the flowers shoot up and the clouds invite us to day dream. The urge to get outside is almost overwhelming, and at my house it has been known to inspire us to ditch our chores and chase our day dreams of summer fun!

If you feel the same way for spring and summer weather, you are going to live these ideas for outdoor play! These ideas are so fun and super simple that there is no reason not to try them out with the kids! 

Bubble Away a Day
Making a solution of homemade bubbles is so easy that you will never buy the jugs of refills again! You can use so many different recipes, from sugar bubbles to traditional dawn dish soap bubbles. Really all you need is a little dish washing soap, corn syrup and water! As a good rule of thumb use 6 parts of water to 1 part of dish liquid, with a few tablespoons of corn syrup for a bubbling good time for all!

You can make homemade bubble wands with so many items in your own kitchen! Tape a few straws together, shape a pipe cleaner, or tape a the plastic ring from a 6 pack of soda to a straw and blow up some fun with your homemade solution. 

Paint Up a Storm
Kids love to paint, but moms are usually not fond of the mess that can happen at the hands of children armed with paint brushes. Taking the art outside is the perfect solution to keep everyone happy! Mixing up a batch of homemade sidewalk chalk is a recipe for a creative good time! It is so easy to make that this is one of our go to summer activities. All you need is food coloring,  corn starch and water. Use 2 parts of water to 1 part of cornstarch and add as many drops of food coloring as it takes to make the colors of your day dreams!

Water Play All Day
A hot summer day is the perfect time to play with water! If you don't have a pool, no worries, it is cool! If you have a clean, empty gallon jug, simply drill a few small holes into the lid, fill it with water and turn the kids lose to create a gentle rain that will cool them off and give your lawn an extra sip of water in the process! Another great and economical idea is to give the kids a pitcher of water and a few plastic containers. They can fill them, splash around in the overflow and learn about measuring all at once!

An even simpler idea for water play is to grab a few beach balls and turn on the sprinkler. The kids will love running and jumping in it, and as well all know, beach balls make everything more fun!

Summer Fun for the Backyard

Summer Fun for the Backyard

It is so close, I can almost taste it. The blissful days of summer; kids playing in the backyard, lemonade being served on ice and marshmallows roasting as the sun sets for the day! This year, we plan to make the most of our outdoor space and to savor a slower pace. With a few fabulous additions to what we have, there will be almost no need to pack the kids up in search of adventure, because the adventure will lie within our own backyard boundaries!

If you are looking for awesome backyard options for the kids, look no further! We have 4 incredibly fun options here in the Blue Digger shop!
Your little ones will feel like they have their own private park with this Clubhouse Climber from Step 2. It has 2 awesome slides to ensure there is never a waiting line, a skylight, and an awesome tower for looking out! This is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. It is durable, easy to clean and guaranteed to bring countless hours of fun!
The older kids will appreciate a swing set that grows with them for many years of good use! The Chateau Tower Swing Set features a climbing wall, built in picnic table, swinging rope and a slide to name a few. It is perfect for summer adventures and has ample room for inviting friends over to play!
Your toddler won't want to miss out on the action! A must have for backyard play with tiny ones is a safe swing, designed with precious cargo in mind! This option is perfect for both infants and toddlers and will keep them safely swinging all summer long!
A Figure 8 Balance Beam is great for growing kids and aspiring gymnasts! This is perfect for kids of all ages and adds a unique feature to your outdoor play space!
While the kids are playing, this is my chance to get lost in a book! With a great umbrella to help protect me from the sun, I can read all day long! You know I will be sipping in style to keep cool, with a classy tumbler at my elbow!
How much time do you spend in your backyard in the summer? What kind of outdoor toys do you have to keep the kids engaged? 

One of a Kind Wedding Gift Ideas

One of a Kind Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding season is near! I am already getting invitations and save the date notifications! I can't stop thinking about the gifts to buy for my wonderful friends that are tying the knot!

This year, I am skipping the standard small appliance; toaster, coffee pot, waffle iron, kind of gift, in favor of unique treasures to be cherished. I know many couples start with fully furnished lives and buying a hand mixer seems so impersonal. I want my sweet friends that are starting a new life together to know that I put a little thought and a lot of heart into my good wishes!
personalized frame makes a lovely way to help the newlyweds display a favorite photo from their wedding day! The tree-themed frames are elegant and appealing and are customizable with names and initials! There are several styles to chose from, and all are stunning!
customized canvas print is a great way to give the gift of art while helping them preserve the special dates for their future family history! I love the dates it lists and that it is completely personalizable! 
I know, Christmas is far off, it is wedding season... but a sweet newlywed ornament for their first tree is a one of a kind gift. It will always have a place on their tree and bring them a lovely memory every year that they place it upon the branches of their Christmas tree.
Personalized necklaces and bookmarks are a great way to give a matching set of gifts. Dog tag style handwriting necklaces are stylish, yet masculine and can include a simple message of love or the name of the happy couple. 
A one of a kind keychain makes for a lovely gift for a new couple, moving into a new home. You can personalize this keychain to include a message in your handwriting! How sweet and neat is that? Order 2 for a matching his and hers set!
If you have an idea for a one of a kind wedding gift, please leave a comment to tell us about it!

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is less than a month away! Now is the time to start thinking about what to get your mom to avoid the last minute rush. If you are looking for a one of a kind gift that is sure to wow her and shows her how much you care, check out some of these sweet ideas from the Blue Digger Shop!

A HandDrawn Gift
A drawing from a child is always sweet, but carrying it around to show it off leads to a lot of wear and tear. Wy not ship the tear and let mom stick to the wear, with this one of a kind, sweet necklace? You send us the artwork, and we turn it into a gift to treasure and wear forever. A personalized drawing necklace is a perfect gift for moms of little ones and grandmas!

A Cushy Gift
If mom's best friend is furry with 4 legs, this throw pillow makes for a cushy gift she will love to display and relax with! There are a ton of silhouettes to chose from and you can personalize this with the name of mom's beloved pooch!

A Gift for Her Senses
If mom likes to diffuse oils and listen to tunes, she will love this portable USB diffuser and humidifier! It is portable so she can move it around to meet her needs and it multitasks like a boss mom, so she will love it!

A Gift of  Luxury
Adding a comfy seat to the shower offers her a chance to relax while indulging in a little private time. This Asian-style Teak bench is stylish, comfortable and perfect for the shower! Teak is a very durable wood and is ideal for showers!

A Gift of Art, From the Heart
A personalized gift is guaranteed to be unique, appreciated and admired. Especially if you get something as eye-catching as this Architectural Elements name print. This unique print features a unique design and the last name of your choice. It will look great on the wall, for all to admire!

A Gift to be Admired
This personalized family tree bracelet is guaranteed to be admired and treasured! Add the initial of family members and watch mom smile as she realizes the design is actually a tree and leaves! Make sure you leave room to add the initials on grandchildren yet to come!

There are so many ways to say Happy Mother's Day! I would love to hear about your most memorable mother's day gift!